Trying to live in a tipi for a month, in UK, in October. And hold down a PhD.

Friday, October 7

Day 1 – Setup shop

I set up shop in Tony and Di's wood. It's so stunning I warn AK to bring a spare pair of pants. There’s a huge supply of firewood from Tony’s woodshop on his farm – spare chunks of wood which would otherwise be chucked, and a babbling stream which I can drink from. Looking at the photo, the wood is 30 meters to the right, and the babbling stream 15 meters to the left. The tipi is in a glade sheltered by pine trees, not a man-made thing in site. I wonder, in this weird fairy tale, is Tony and Di’s farm house actually made of gingerbread and do they intend to put me in a pot and eat me?

AK and I sit around the first fire, in the tent which we just built. Every pitch is different, and it seems this is the best one so far. The poles are nice and tight, the inner lining sits well and the fire draws enough air to kick out a good flame. Maybe this month is possible.


Anonymous Bee said...

Doing these in reverse order to get the total effect....

got goosebumps so far, eyes welling up already!

aw, im so proud of you eddie!

4:48 PM


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