Trying to live in a tipi for a month, in UK, in October. And hold down a PhD.

Monday, October 10

Day 4 – Work

My first day on the job. I walk the 25 minute journey to uni through the fields to my 3-year PhD which is to build a self replicating machine. I stink. As I walk through the office to fetch my clean clothes from under my desk there is a visible recoil from my new work buddies. I shower and try to live the rest of my 9 till 5 day as socially acceptable as possible.

My mum arrives bearing a cast iron stove and some amazing felt rugs for the inside. The stove might be a lifesaver when the weather turns, but until then it’s in storage until I crack cooking on the fire. We scout around for dry firewood and tinder and stock the tipi supply in case it rains – a big survival chore. Dinner in the Thai restaurant was too good to be rushed and so Mum becomes my first overnight guest! My mates congratulate me on having such a cool mum. She likes it and I hope she can reassure the rest of the family that I haven’t lost it completely.


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