Trying to live in a tipi for a month, in UK, in October. And hold down a PhD.

Wednesday, October 12

Day 6 – Just chill out

I survived last night. The grey clouds lear at me again through the office window, more dark and terrible than before. The downpour is harder and longer than last night but this time I know the tipi’s ready. The firewood in there is under a tarp, and I know I can smoke the puddles out pretty quickly.

I get back to the tipi at midnight after a drinking session with some friends in Bristol. I am pissed and stumble around like an idiot trying to get a fire going. I'd managed to blag two nice dry logs from the pub we'd been in, and start putting them to good use. I’m getting good at this fire lark. It starts first time, in the wet. The big log’s too big. I stoopidly start hacking at it with the axe while it’s still in the fire and have a near miss with some exploding embers. It’s either the beer or fatigue or both.

I lie awake in my bed thinking why I’m so tired. I realise that apart from falling asleep, I have had absolutely no time whatsoever to just chill out next to the fire. It’s been so busy. My day is constant work, followed by seeing mates in town or at uni, and then arriving at the tipi late at night. Gathering firewood and cooking are all big jobs which take up a lot of time, and I seem to spend any spare time preparing to stay one step ahead. I’m trying to mix two different patterns together, and if I’m ever going to turn this place into a home, the social side’s got to go.

I need to rise with the sun, and be back before sunset. To get into natures pattern rather than resist it by trying to do everything. It would be nice if my mates were allowed to come over, then I’d get the very best of the social side – that’s what the tipi’s all about – but it’s not my land so I can’t. I think it’s a sacrifice worth doing though… it’s not every day you get an opportunity like this.


Anonymous lou said...

Hooray, a comment by a real person rather than some dumb spam!!

And that comment is "Me, me, me, I want to live in a tipi!"

But even if I got special dispensation to come visit, I don't have any free weekends before we go to Aus. Boo.

PS We don't get any comment spam with WordPress.

11:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds really cool. Was v impressed when Lou told me about you making the tipi yourself with some mates. Good luck for the rest of the experiment and don't get too wet. Enjoy your time as a wild man of the woods.
Ailis (friend of Lou's)

1:17 PM

Blogger eD said...


Wow you left comments! I'm touched. How clever is all this.

Yes loo, tipi living is the best. I'm well up for full-time, if only I could get the farmer on board. Shame bout work, but maybe I'll come up with a mad way of getting it to VooV... on our vegetable powered minibus.

And Ailis, nice to virtually meet you. Cheers for the luck, if it starts getting any colder I might just need it...


5:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trudes said:
Thanks for brightening my Sunday evening. My friends think you're nuts to do this, I think it's fantastic!!

Take care of yourself, avoid the streams that I remember can run through that thing, and good luck to whoever you manage to persuade to spend a night in there - it does stink!!

Keep in touch and send more pics!
love Trudes xxx

7:33 PM

Anonymous asher said...

Sounds a great adventure. I love that feelng off the wet retreating before the heat oof a fire - asher (tipi circle at glasonbury since '93)

6:13 PM


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