Trying to live in a tipi for a month, in UK, in October. And hold down a PhD.

Sunday, October 23

Day 17 – Sunday no show on the go slow show

I awake perfectly horizontal.

South Park the Movie is even funnier with subtitles.

I scrub the kitchen floor on my hands and knees with bleach and big yellow gloves. If people spread this much dirt in the tipi they’d be shot. Next party we have in the flat I reckon we make everyone take their shoes and socks off. If they’re worried about smelly feet they can wash them in a foot bath or something. It would be a good feature for the party, and people wouldn’t spill drinks as much coz they’d appreciate what they’re standing on. Then I wouldn’t have to wear stoopid yellow gloves.

I have a flashback of chatting to a cool outdoorsy bird at the party who asked why I didn’t have any shoes on and looked muddy. Note to self: chicks dig the smell.

I wash the mugs. As I look out of the window I travel forward in time by three months. Once upon a time I used to live in the woods. I used to wash my dishes in a stream and I used to make a fire every night in a tipi. I get all emotional.

Abs drops me off at the top of the wood late at night, I fall asleep in the tipi, and then at 3am it rains on my face.


Anonymous Bodge said...

Mate, honestly, this is one of the best things I've found/been shown on the net. I love it.
The way you write it is perfect. I'd go into way too much detail, but yuo leave a lot to the imagination, and that's what it's all about.
Genuinely absolutely laughed out really loud at the very last comment. great Bathos.

I posted this comment but a few days back, not sure if you'll read it so I'll re-do it here:

"Bahaha, yes Ed, call your cat biscuit, or else.

I keep laughin out loud readin your blog mate. Crumple! Ahaha, cracked me up.

Absolutely totally loved this line : "I catch myself laughing at the gusty breeze which I know is drying out the ground, wishing I could thank it somehow, and I realise where all those Indian dances come from."

Perfection in prose mate.
Keep it up, loving it.
Oh yeah, when you scheduled to finish your tipi adventure? coz I'm in bath weekend of the 11th Nov and would deeply love to come say hi and spend some time with you in the tipi."

7:26 PM

Anonymous jonny said...

Ed im loving this mate well done and keep it up. I recon the experience is worth the hardship not to mention the smell, mind you always did smell pretty bad >grin<. Hopefully gonna get down to visit AK soon will try and make it before the end of your adventure so make sure the doorbell is workin on the tipi. cya soon mate. Jonny

3:02 PM

Blogger eD said...

Easy now!!!!

Bodgey, can't wait for this Friday nights chaos mate! Real shame AK can't be there either, you two would get on. Exactly the same goes for the big man below you - Johnny boy!: ain't seen you in time! Which country are you reading this from? I fear you will be too late for visiting, you might knock but nobody'll be home. (When isn't that the case eh?)

Ever wonder about booking a room and inviting mates who don't know each other, but you think should, then taking an early exit and seeing what incredible plans come out of that room? Or is that just me...

6:07 PM

Anonymous lou said...

He actually smells a lot better than he used to - all smoky and mysterious.

And re the big room/friends idea: now I own a dining table I have started doing this, in a small-scale yuppie way, by inviting various friends who haven't met but should round for dinner parties. It's good fun.

10:29 AM


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