Trying to live in a tipi for a month, in UK, in October. And hold down a PhD.

Wednesday, October 19

Day 13 – Cookin

I finally crack the problem of waking up shivering my ass off, and get some proper good kip: my bedding goes as follows, from the ground up...

1 Tarpaulin
2 Ground mats
1 1” Foam brick layer
1 Ground mat
1 Felt blanket (handmade by my mum)
1 Thermal pants
1 Thermal top
1 Sleeping bag inner (why have cotton when you can have silk? Cheers Abs)
1 Sleeping bag
1 Bivvy bag
1 Bright orange rescue-me-now coloured blanket over the top of all that (Cheers AK)
1 Egyptian Bedouin carpet on top
1 Dreamcatcher (all the way from Denmark made by Maja, works a treat)

I wake up at 4am when the coals die out to:

- Put a hat on
- Pull the blanket and carpet over my head

Snug as a bug in a rug in October.


Anonymous Chris O'B said...

Well Ed it seem sthat you are getting on fine and dandy in the World of Tipi. I can only read in wonder at the exploits and yearn to do something similar with my boy when he gets a bit older. Hasn't AK joined you for a night in the tipi? I would have thought a nice crisp October night in the tipi would have been right up his street and would help with your heating bill.... (go on, try the mushrooms, I dare ya)

11:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I continue to be truly impressed Ed (I decided saying this was better than saying what I was going to say - which wasn't very polite... something like "boy, when you choose a lost cause, you REALLY commit!" Only pulling your leg!)

Paul B

2:41 AM

Blogger eD said...

Ah... the days of Weston Medical, sinking ships, and a months tax free wage... now that's work experience!

10:15 AM

Blogger eD said...

And COB, AK has of course been round this weekend, but that's another blog (to be continued). Yearn on, wish I'd got here sooner!

10:19 AM


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