Trying to live in a tipi for a month, in UK, in October. And hold down a PhD.

Monday, October 17

Day 11 – Splay

I am dog tired. Work drags on and on and on, and I only get stuff finished at 9pm. The enormity of going home, starting a fire and cooking dinner at this time of night, when I’m this tired triggers the first “why don’t I just get a pizza”? I pull myself together and head out to the woods.
I can get back to the tipi in pitch black now without a torch. Out of uni for 10 minutes, walk along the hidden track, jump into the field and down to the bottom, listen out for the sound of a stream which tells me where the gate is, through the wood until the intense smell of pine, take a right, up until the smell of oak then pretty soon after is the smell of tipi.

I’m too tired to pick up on the smells, and for the first time get lost. This is the second mistake of the day. Earlier I’d accidentally contaminated by clean work clothes by storing them with some smokey ones, rendering the clean ones unwearable. I dread having to go near the axe to chop firewood. I have to sort my pattern out. No more socialising till I do. I’ll keep the photography course going on Thursdays, but apart from that, I’m out…


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