Trying to live in a tipi for a month, in UK, in October. And hold down a PhD.

Friday, October 14

Day 8 - Tipi/Nuthouse

It’s the end of the week. At last I have time to enjoy the tipi and I can’t wait. I realise its nearly sunset and in a bid to catch the last light of the day I run down the fields and leg it into the woods. Which must have looked pretty strange from a distance.

Tonight’s mission is a fire without newspaper, which for a rookie like me is a bit tricky. I try building up the sticks and lighting it straight off but that fails miserably. So I remember Ray Mears videos and hold a clump of tinder in my hands (the dry bark off a vine I found in the wood) and light it. It starts from nothing but I blow on it until all of a sudden I’m holding a fireball. I lay it down on an empty hearth like releasing a small animal into the wild, building it up with small sticks and then bigger ones. It cooks my dinner and we get along just fine and I read some newspaper just to rub it in.

I remember being curious as to what would happen in that tipi on my own with a whole evening to kill. Amongst other things I think for a while about how the word ‘crumple’ doesn’t get enough press. Fantastic word. I invent a comedy sketch based on Little House on the Prarie which cracks me up. “Love Generation” comes on the radio and I find myself dancing in front of the fire, really going for it. I needn’t have worried.


Anonymous lou said...

My friend James knows a guy in the US who has been living in a tipi with his girlfriend and their cat, Pamplemousse, since Bush won the 2000 election.

I presume it's some kind of protest, but I may be wrong.

9:09 AM

Anonymous lou said...

PS I will try and get the word crumple into print this week.

Speaking of which, I had a thought about pitching "month in a tipi" to The Guardian.

How would you feel about that? They could go for it, but I don't want you to think I'm whoring you out.

9:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pamplemousse is a great name for a cat. Looking forward to the possibilities for "crumple", Lou.

The inside looks great, Ed. And nice to meet you virtually too. Ailis

3:02 PM

Blogger eD said...

Wow. A cat in a tipi would be a great idea. Not as clumsy as a dog, and not too small to get trod on, like a gerbil.

Send me a link to your crumpled article, and thanks for the Guardian pitch, but I'd rather not detract any attention from Hugh Sawyer. He's making a really decent point, and I'm living a life of luxury in comparison...

10:33 AM

Anonymous lou said...

Good point. Somehow it's difficult to imagine you wearing a suit and working in Sotheby's, even if you slept in a suit and lived in Sotheby's.

I think living in a tipi and pouring vegetable oil into a Bedford is much more you.

PS If you ever get a cat, you should call it Biscuit.

8:57 AM

Anonymous Bodge said...

Bahaha, yes Ed, call your cat biscuit, or else.

I keep laughin out loud readin your blog mate. Crumple! Ahaha, cracked me up.

Absolutely totally loved this line : "I catch myself laughing at the gusty breeze which I know is drying out the ground, wishing I could thank it somehow, and I realise where all those Indian dances come from."

Perfection in prose mate.
Keep it up, loving it.
Oh yeah, when you scheduled to finish your tipi adventure? coz I'm in bath weekend of the 11th Nov and would deeply love to come say hi and spend some time with you in the tipi.

7:11 PM

Blogger ODM (Original Ditch Monkey) said...

way to go dude. I would love to live in a tipi sometime.

You should go for the Guardian pitch I reckon.

2:18 PM


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