Trying to live in a tipi for a month, in UK, in October. And hold down a PhD.

Tuesday, October 25

Day 19 - I might be a weirdo

[Ive added a pic of the glass swing to Day 15]

Do you become a weirdo when you no longer are aware that you’re weird, when the strange things you do feel normal? I breeze into the office with the appearance and smell of a complete tramp. And that’s OK.

I am glued to the view when I’m sat at my desk and start ranting whenever a grey cloud appears. And that’s fair enough.

When I’m walking home in my fire clothes, I wear my jeans rolled up to the knees so that when I’m crossing the fields they don’t get wet. I see myself in the reflection and don’t even bat an eyelid.

When I wear my poncho with my rolled up jeans all you see is walking boots, a short section of bare leg and then a big poncho. This gives the impression that apart from my shoes I am completely naked underneath a green plastic sheet. And that’s… OK that cracks me up man! That's like the funniest part of the day!


Anonymous Bodge said...

You weirdo : p

all sounds perfectly reasonable to me mate. Tipi's smell, clouds bring rain, grass is wet. Can't argue with that.

It's all relative really isn't it. One man's odd is another man's humdrum.

the more I read the more I want to do it. It just seems to make so much sense.

10:54 PM

Anonymous lou said...

Boo ya!

It's a bit clumsy, but there you go. Couldn't put a direct link up cos we're subscription only.

Australia in T-21.5hr!!!

2:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favourite post yet...

Paul B

5:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

...oh, and great photo!

Paul B

5:21 AM

Anonymous lou said...


Where did the last 16 hours go? Washed away by a river of vodka, like Hercules' stables only more drunk. Always good to start a 22 hour journey battered.

Anyway, later kiddo. I'll send you links to pics if I post any.

6:44 AM


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